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Get your life back; our chiropractors at La Starza Wellness Chiropractic help find the root of your problem with state of the art testing and a specific care plan designed for you.
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1st Visit

  • Consultation with one of our Chiropractors
  • Thermal Scan
  • Postural analysis
  • Range of motion
  • Digital motion X-rays
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2nd Visit

  • Doctors report of findings
  • Review your specific care plan
Report of Findings

Get Better

  • Start corrective care to help you reach your true potential
La Starza Wellness

Marco J. La Starza, D.C.

Dr. Marco La Starza attended Parker College of Chiropractic, graduating in 2004. He currently practices in Merritt Island, Florida and has been serving his community and healing patients for almost 20 years. You might recognize Dr. La Starza from his episode of “Island Life” on HGTV!
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Our Testimonials

  • I have been going to La Starza Wellness for about 90 days with a neck and back issue. Dr. La Starza was able to help me with mobility, pain and numbness. I feel much better thanks to the skill of the Doctor and the great staff he has working for him. The staff is very professional, organized, knowledgeable and always on time with my appointments. I would highly recommend La Starza for any chiropractic need you might have.

    Mark H.

    April 2024

    Amazing, local business!!! came in as an acupuncture appointment. Talked to doc about all my issues, did a mobility xray and found my issues. Have been there a couple months now, soon to do a progress check, I can say without a doubt that my body mechanics have changed and improved significantly since seeing them! I try to tell everyone I meet about the mobility xray and what it can do for you!!! Thank you to the staff for being one of the most supportive teams!!!

    Tamara H.

    April 2024

    When I called to ask ALLTHOSE QUESTIONS the gentleman that answered the phone was great. He answered in a very professional way (Dr.B) come to find out. And from that point on my experience has been nothing but great. Shawna greeted me in a very welcoming way. Not just [that] day but every day. Dr. LAStarźa was more than great. Explained EVERYTHING, AND ANSWERED EVERY QUESTION. I WOULD RECOMMEND THE TEAM TO ANYONE. THANK [YOU].

    Mary B.

    April 2024

  • The front desk was very helpful! They answered all my questions and were so polite.

    Kayla K.

    April 2024

    Just a couple of weeks in and getting some results . Glad I started . Everyone is fantastic and friendly. I always feel great when I leave. I’m having issues with my thyroid and l'm sure these sessions will help. Thank you Dr L.???????? …

    Cathy F.

    April 2024

    Very professional place, very knowledgeable of the [anatomy] of the body and spine. Great experience so far and is definitely worth coming in. ,I am already feeling the difference in my back, neck and mobility. Staff is wonderful and helpful. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

    Brad P.

    April 2024

  • Dr. LaStarza and his wonderful staff have made a tremendous difference in my health and life. I feel so much better.

    Jennifer H.

    February 2024

    Super friendly people work here. I am glad that I found a highly professional chiropractor, Dr. LaStarza. At work I suffered from severe back pain, which made me unable to work. Plus I have long-term problems with my spine. The adjustments receive and the exercises I am shown are very effective in relieving my pain. Now I have the opportunity to painlessly restore my part of the work on a permanent basis.


    January 2024

    Super friendly and professional. Dr LaStarza really listened to my needs and came up with a great plan.

    Lisa L.

    January 2024

  • Remediated my back pain!!! Listened to me !! Ditto to this previous post.

    Dan H.

    January 2024

    Dr. L is amazing! Went to see him because my sciatic nerve was so messed up from a car accident years ago! I had developed a limp plus could not sleep I was in so much pain! He fixed me!!! I no longer walk with a limp! I now go back every couple weeks for adjustment. Went today told him past 4 days my knee is REALLY bothering me! Don’t know what he did but I left office literally crying! My knee 100% better! Who knew…back Dr fixing my knee! He said everything connects to spine! He is awesome! The staff is 100% ! The place is 100% ! Clean, comfortable, friendly! I recommend 1000%! Thank you for all you do for me! ❤️❤️❤️

    C Ob

    December 2023

    I cannot say enough about this practice. I was feeling awful head to toe this morning, and left a whole new woman. I've been going to La Starza wellness since the birth of my daughter in the fall of 2018. My pregnancy brought [a lot] of old spinal injuries to the surface and the prognosis for my future wasn't great. Dr. La Starza is keeping from surgery with his therapies and [I'm] so [grateful] for that. My husband has also been a regular patient. He has even help our baby out in making sure she was aligned and well. I recommend anyone with any sort of physical issues, whether it me minor or very serious in nature, to give them a call! My family will never go anywhere else.

    Tiffany S.

    December 2023

  • Fantastic staff! Friendly and welcoming! La Starza Wellness is THE place to go for all your chiropractic needs. Dr. La Starza is an excellent practitioner and has been caring for my dear friend for years.

    Carolyn W.

    December 2023

    Man these guy’s are great have been seeing real results. Would recommend them to anyone.

    Teague B.

    December 2023

    The staff is professional and friendly. The service is excellent and I actually enjoy going there.

    Laurie L.

    December 2023

Your First Visit:

Complete Case History:

On your first visit to our office, we will do a complete history of your pain and/or problem(s) to find out:

  • How long have you had your pain and how bad is it?
  • What injuries or health challenges have you had throughout your life?
  • What have you tried in the past that has not worked or only given you temporary relief?
  • What are your health goals with chiropractic treatment in our office? (What would you like to do when you are out of pain?)

Chiropractic Examination:

Our Chiropractors will then complete a Chiropractic examination that will check for misalignments (Subluxations), assess your ranges of motion, posture analysis, and thermal scan to check for inflammation in specific areas.

Digital Motion X-rays:

If clinically indicated, we will take digital motion x-rays to see your spine to see what is working and what is not. We will take specific measurements of your bones to see how they are moving.

After your first visit, we will then review your examination and digital motion x-ray findings to come up with a plan of care. Your first visit should take a total of 30 minutes.

Report of Findings:

On Day 2, one of our Chiropractors will review your digital motion x-ray findings with you, recovery timeline, and the cost of care (including if any insurance will contribute). You will then get your first Chiropractic adjustment and we will review any home care instructions given to you.


Monday: 8am-6pm
Tuesday: 8am-12pm
Wednesday: 8am-2pm
Thursday: 9am-12pm
Fri/Sat/Sun: Closed

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