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Class 4 Laser Therapy

Our Chiropractic office in Merritt Island, FL provides Class 4 laser therapy for fast healing. Treating your problem(s) and health challenges with your body starts with finding the right treatment plan that works for you. Our Chiropractors may recommend Class 4 laser therapy as part of your treatment plan.

Class 4 laser therapy is a state of the art healing technology. Using specific wavelengths of light to speed up the healing process.

We will determine if your problem is acute vs. chronic, what area(s) of the body we are treating, and your pain level. It uses your own cells to create more healing cells so the body heals faster. Treatment time varies from 30 seconds – 8 minutes.

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Laser Therapy Services Brevard FL

Class 4 laser therapy provides another tool to heal your body and stop the pain. Many of the same conditions we treat with Chiropractic care also respond well to class 4 laser therapy.

Class 4 laser therapy does not hurt and produces a warm sensation during treatment. We typically recommend a series of treatments for complete healing and correction. Many patients experience immediate relief after their initial treatment.

At La Starza Wellness Chiropractic we strive to get you out of pain as fast as possible. Call us today at 321-230-7071 to schedule an appointment at our office in Merritt Island, FL.

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