Chiropractic Techniques

CBP (Chiropractic Biomechanics of Posture)

CBP focuses on perfect posture and spinal alignment. Restoring your spinal curves with traditional chiropractic adjusting, rehabilitation, and spinal traction. CBP technique uses posture and x-ray procedures that are evidence based as there have been peer-reviewed studies in many scientific journals.

Gonstead Technique

Our Chiropractors that use the Gonstead approach have taken additional continuing education and training as it requires a high level of skill and specificity.

Gonstead technique uses a full-spine x-ray and a spinal scanning tool to detect heat and inflammation within the spine. Our Gonstead Chiropractors use visualization, motion palpation, x-ray analysis, and instrumentation to allow for a very specific adjustment.

Thompson Drop Technique

This chiropractic technique was developed by Dr. Jay Clay Thompson in the 1950s.  The technique uses a special table that is “dropped” or released During the adjustment.  This technique enhances the adjustment's effectiveness while decreasing the force required to make the adjustment and making the patient as comfortable as possible.

Activator Technique

The activator method of chiropractic uses a hand-held tool that is spring-loaded that allows for quick and precise adjustments without the need for manual manipulation.  This method is preferred for patients who want a  gentler approach to chiropractic care.

Impulse Instrument Technique

The impulse adjusting instrument uses a handheld, spring-loaded powered instrument.  This technique provides high-speed, low force adjusting to specific areas of the body, to take pressure off of the nerves. There are many different scientific research studies showing clinical data on the Impulse Instrument, as it is considered the #1 chiropractic adjusting instrument.


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