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Suffering From Headaches & Migraines?

Are you suffering from headaches and Migraines and are local to the Melbourne area? Headaches and migraines are brushed off by many people as nothing serious. Patients feel like headaches and migraines are “Normal.”

Headaches and migraines can be debilitating and can prevent you from getting things done.  Many things can cause headaches and migraines. One of the most common causes of headaches are misalignments to the spine. We call these misalignments a subluxation. A subluxation is when a bone misaligns and puts pressure on nerves.

Often, a nerve in your neck will become pinched, causing muscle tightness, inflammation, pain, and decreased range of motion. Chiropractors will do chiropractic adjustments to remove the subluxations to take the pressure off of the nerve(s).

La Starza Wellness Chiropractic

Melbourne, FL residents don’t have to live with headaches and migraines. Let La Starza Wellness Chiropractic in Merritt Island, FL get to the root cause of what is causing your headaches by calling or texting 321-230-7071

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