Digital Motion X-Rays

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Digital Motion X-Rays

Why Do We Utilize Digital X-Ray Technology?

Why Do We Utilize Digital X-Ray Technology?

At La Starza Wellness, we use state-of-the-art digital x-rays to identify the cause. This cutting-edge technology gives us superior image quality for your care.

Motion Study X-rays

Thanks to this modern technology, your chiropractor can look at your spine in motion. The X-rays are taken when you are in a standing position and moving in a weight-bearing manner. Digital X-rays provide precise, moving images of your joints and bones.

Digital X-rays are effective in diagnosing and treating pain, degenerative disc disease, chronic conditions, and more...

By performing a digital motion x-ray, we can determine how and what to work on before we provide you specific care. We also track your progress.


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